Fruitmark supplies high quality dehydrated fruit and vegetable ingredients with health benefits that are well suited to food manufacturing.  We source the best products from around the world from suppliers that we have enjoyed a long relationship with.



Fruitmark partnered with the iconic Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., of Massachusetts in 1998.  Today we market up to 10 different dried cranberry products and up to 5 Berry Fusions.  We continue to promote cranberry as an ingredient along with its known health benefits, antioxidant value and unique taste in cereals, muesli, muesli bars, baked goods and many other applications.



Fruitmark partnered with Heinz Watties Dehydration, Christchurch NZ in 1996.  Today we market Peas, Beans, Carrot and Corn either air-dried or freeze-dried and in blends according to customer need.  We continue to market “Watties” dehydrated vegetables as high quality ingredients in many food and pet food applications.



Fruitmark partnered with Kareks Ltd, Izmir, Turkey in 1998.  Today we market Sun Dried Tomatoes in regular halves, diced and julienne strip, and higher moisture “Ready-to-Eat” halves, diced and strip. We were amongst the first to establish markets for IQF Semi-dried Tomato for Kareks Ltd.  Kareks are a high quality producer who recently commissioned its new and now operational factory.